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As we are a small team, we make decisions quickly, typically within forty eight hours of receipt of your proposal and we work closely with our property professional advisors to ensure we deliver the funding solution in a timely manner.

what’s equity finance?

equity finance

At Assured we can provide equity finance for residential and mixed use schemes. The developer equity requirement is typically 5%-10% of  costs with the profits shared 50:50 on exit, post repayment of any senior lending. Depending on the project size and debt requirement we can also provide the senior lending Debt.

what’s mezzanine finance?

mezzanine finance

Mezzanine finance sometimes referred to a ‘Mezz Funding’ or ‘Stretched Senior Debt’ provides additional loan capital to help fill a gap between a developer’s equity and the amount that the senior lender will provide. This is normally secured with a second charge over the property in question, with the senior lender holding a first charge. 

what’s developer equity release?

developer equity release

Here at Assured we understand that developers need to maintain cash flow.  We can look to release equity from partially completed developments behind the senior lender secured against a second charge. 

what’s pre planning finance?

pre planning finance

At Assured, we understand that purchasing sites pre-planning offers the experienced developer greater returns. However, the time taken to secure the right consent varies depending on the scheme and planning authority, therefore having the right financing partner is key to unlocking that hidden value. Assured can provide finance to assist with the acquisition of land and buildings pre-planning for sites in London, the South East and Home.

what’s bridging finance?

bridging finance

A bridging loan is a short-term facility, the typical term being for  a period of 2 weeks to 1 year. A bridging loan is used to ‘bridge’ the gap between a debt or sale coming to fruition and is secured with a first legal charge over the property to be acquired within a defined timescale agreed at the outset. 

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